What We’re Up To

In 2013 Verdezyne was awarded BioNexus Status by the Malaysian Government.

BioNexus Overview

Since 2005, BiotechCorp has facilitated the development of 225 BioNexus-status companies in Malaysia with total improved investments of RM 3.2 billion. BioNexus Status companies receive continuous support and assistance fro BiotechCorp on immigration related matters, IP advisory and regulatory services and employment related matters. BiotechCorp also provides a wide range of capacity building programs covering a variety of subjects to assist biotechnology entrepreneurs in managing their business locally and internationally.

What is BioNexus Status?

BioNexus is a special status awarded to qualified international and Malaysian biotechnology companies. The status endows fiscal incentives, grants and other guarantees to assist growth. This status is awarded to qualified companies undertaking value-added biotechnology and/or life science activities. Apart from the overall benefits and support, BioNexus companies are assured a list of privileges as stipulated in the BioNexus Bill of Guarantees.

For more information on BiotechCorp and BioNexus, please visit biotechcorp.com.my.