The Choice is Yours

Verdezyne wants to give you the power to do something better for the world. We believe you deserve the opportunity to choose products made with environmentally friendly and safer production methods. It is our goal to provide sustainable and cost-effective alternatives to petrochemicals that place a gentler carbon footprint on our planet.

Verdezyne is reducing our dependence on oil by changing the way chemicals are made for a number of currently petroleum-derived consumer products. Our proprietary yeast fermentation technology produces a variety of intermediates used in nylons and other plastics. We have a feedstock-flexible platform which allows yeast to utilize a variety of plant-based oils and their by-products. Our ability to use multiple feedstocks makes us less vulnerable to the effects of price and supply volatility, which is the case with technologies that rely solely on sugar as a feedstock. In addition to renewable feedstocks, Verdezyne’s environmentally friendly and safer production methods are expected to generate less CO2 than petroleum-based processes, offering a reduced carbon footprint.