Nature is our Factory

0Y1E4510Verdezyne uses a manufacturing process you’re probably familiar with. In fact, you couldn’t have had your last wine and cheese party without it – fermentation. Fermentation starts with an organism (yeast) that has all the machinery in place to make a product. Using fermentation, we produce chemicals used in everyday products at a lower cost. Our chemicals can be substituted for their petroleum-based counterparts without compromising quality.

Our Technology

Verdezyne has developed a highly-proprietary platform for engineering yeast to metabolize multiple non-food-based renewable feedstocks and produce a number of widely-used, high-value chemicals. We have selected yeast as a host because it differs in many ways from other microorganisms, such as bacteria, that make it ideal as a robust host for large-scale commercial fermentation. First of all, yeast is capable of fermentation in acidic conditions which inhibits contamination by other microorganisms. Secondly, yeast is not vulnerable to infection by naturally-occurring viruses called bacteriophage that can infect and destroy bacterial fermentations. Lastly, the production yeast we use has two chromosome copies (diploid) which provides the stability of genetic redundancy compared with bacterial systems which have one chromosome (haploid).